Want to supercharge your productivity? Check out this Best Life article and my advice in tip 9. Productivity (and its nemesis, procrastination) is a hot topic for leaders of all levels. You’ll find 15 ways to be more productive every day.

Here’s an excerpt from Best Life:

There are certain times during your day where you might feel more confident or willing to tackle particular issues. Shawna Clark, owner of Clark Executive Coaching, a leadership development firm, recommends that you “schedule your challenging tasks during the time of the day when you have the most brainpower and energy.”

How to supercharge your productivity

Know your most productive time of day, and use it to your advantage.

Track your activities for a few days by writing down what you did and how you felt. Find the pattern when you feel most productive. Schedule your challenging tasks during the time of day when you have the most brainpower and energy.

Do your most important tasks first.

Start your day with the things that are most important. That way, something urgent but unimportant doesn’t take time away from the most important activities of your day.

Focus on one thing at a time.

A huge pitfall to productivity is multitasking. As Harvard Business Review says:

You can’t multitask, so stop trying.

Task switching is what happens when you do more than one mental activity at a time. It’s inefficient and ineffective. Task switching fatigues your brain and slows down your productivity by up to 40%.

Set up rewards for getting your work done.

Find small ways to reward yourself when you complete your necessary tasks. This gives you an extra incentive to finish the things you usually procrastinate. Plus, you’ll get the intrinsic reward of completing your work, which feels great.

Find support that works for you.

Experiment to find the tools and support you need to encourage productivity and keep procrastination at bay. Get a task management app (my favorite is Week Plan – goal, time, and task management + to-do list in one), ask for help from a trusted colleague, delegate work that someone else can do, or hire out work that drains you.


What’s important to you about productivity? What does productivity look like/feel like for you? What gets in your way? When are you most productive?


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