Meet Shawna Clark Fronk

Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant for accomplished and emerging leaders

Shawna Fronk, founder of Clark Executive Coaching, is a top coach/consultant in talent development and retention in corporate America. She’s also a go-to coach for leaders who are ready to take their leadership to the next level. With a unique understanding of both the inner skills leaders need to enhance their edge without burnout, as well as the external pressure leaders face every day on the job, Shawna partners with leaders to achieve their potential and drive organizational performance. As a contributor to Thrive Global and a sought-after expert on leadership, motivation, productivity, and employee engagement, Shawna has been featured in a variety of publications including NBC News, MSN, Fortune, and more.
Shawna is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF). Prior to receiving her ICF-accredited graduate certificate in Executive Coaching from the University of St. Thomas – one of the only coaching programs in the world with the rigor of an evidence-based university curriculum – Shawna earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. With over 20 years of corporate experience, and having spent more than 15 years managing, leading, and coaching individuals and teams, Shawna’s on a mission to empower leaders of all levels to lead, achieve, and succeed.  


Coaching isn’t one-size-fits-all You get the most effective coaching program and achieve successful outcomes because our coaching practice is based on evidence of what works. We’re not limited to one framework or model like many coaches. Instead, by applying best-in-class methodologies, this powerful approach:
  • Leverages neuroscience principles
  • Increases emotional intelligence
  • Explores relational, cultural, and system influences
  • Uses a comprehensive, agile, flexible, and aspirational process
  • Improves awareness and inspires action
  • Creates and maintains purposeful, positive change through goal setting
  • Helps you achieve the outcomes you desire
Shawna has a positive energy and hopeful way about her. She listens without judgment and knows how to ask the right questions to help you reach your own best solutions. She brings kindness and compassionate objectivity to her coaching sessions, which are self-revealing and vulnerable and lead to a more evolved self.


With our HR background, we’ve come full circle to be a trusted partner to HR teams who understand the value of external coaching. We have several years of HR experience and many more partnering with HR leaders. You face unique challenges on a daily basis. From employee issues to hiring talent to retaining leaders, your work is never done. And your work CAN be easier when you have an external coach/consulting agency you can count on. Our focus is on growing your leadership team’s talent, retention, and results.

We know that being a leader isn’t easy.

On its best days, leadership is challenging. But you don’t have to go it alone. Statistics show that hiring a coach catapults your chances of success, results, and fulfillment, including:
70% Improved work performance
72% improved communication skills
80% improved self-confidence
67% improved work-life balance